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We welcome you to Silicon Valley, the home of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technology Society! We're quite active, with a regular series of Monthly Evening Meetings, a series of Luncheon Meetings, and a rich choice of technical and professional skills courses.

Upcoming IEEE/CPMT Society Events In the Santa Clara Valley   (Print out and post/circulate)
Monthly Technical Meetings:
(everyone is welcome!)
Technical/Skills/Management Short Courses:
Meetings for 2016:

* "FO-WLP - A Disruptive Technology: Drivers and Developments" -- E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International -- lunch Tuesday, February 9

* "Enabling Requirements for High Volume Thermocompression Bonding" -- Tom Strothmann, Director, Kulicke & Soffa Industries -- lunch Thursday, February 25

* "Photonic Systems Changes: Driving Innovation in Photonic Packaging" -- Dr. W. R. Bottoms, Third Millennium Test Solutions -- lunch Tuesday, March 8

* "Emerging IC Packaging Platforms for ICT Systems" -- Dr. Li Li, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc. -- lunch Thursday, March 24

* "Recent Advances and Trends in Semiconductor Packaging" -- Dr. John H. Lau, Sr. Technical Advisor, ASM -- lunch Tuesday, April 12

Other IEEE Events around Silicon Valley and the SF Bay Area:

Please visit the Council's e-GRID website to see what interesting technical talks are being scheduled by other Chapters.

Downloadable Slides and Webcasts from Recent Talks (most recent last)

"Advanced Packaging Techniques as Enablers for the Health IoT Ecosystem" Andreas Middendorf, Erik Jung, Fraunhofer IZM (1.8 MB PDF)
"Packaging Materials Market Trends, Issues and Opportunities" Dr. Dan Tracy, SEMI (1 MB PDF)
"Embedded Microdevices: A New Way To Build Low-cost, 3D, Integrated MEMS Devices" Prof. Mark Bachman, UC-Irvine (1.3 MB PDF)
"Considerations for Advancing Technology in Computer System Packaging" Dale Becker, Ph.D., IBM (1.8 MB PDF)
"Chips 'Face-Up' Panelization Approach for Fan-Out Packaging" Boyd Rogers, Deca Technologies, Inc. (1 MB PDF)
"Void formation during Soldering" Watson Tseng, Shenmao America Inc. (2 MB PDF)
"Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) Interconnection Technology for Wearable Electronics Applications" Prof. Kyung W. Paik, KAIST (3.5 MB PDF)

Other Slides from Past Talks: See the Listing of past Chapter meetings for the topic of your choice.

See our listing of Past Meetings and Courses.
[Place yourself on our email distribution list or send a request to Paul Wesling.]

Ideas for Future Meetings?
Do you have an idea for a presentation on a topic in our technical-interest area? You can review the Guidelines for CPMT Chapter Speakers (10 kB PDF). Please contact one of our officers or any of the members of our Program Committee with your proposal:
Chapter Chair: Luu Nguyen, Texas Instruments
Vice Chair: Annette Teng, Promex Industries
Treasurer: Azmat Malik
Secretary: Randall Brynsvold
Program Co-Chairs:
Lunch Meetings: Sandra Winkler
Dinner Meetings: Azmat Malik, Annette Teng

Symposia Chair:
Shomir Dighe

Program Support:
Ed Stoneham
Randall Brynsvold
Suzette Pangrle

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