System Assembly using a Microchip Printer 🗓 🗺

— chiplets, electrostatic assembly, sort, transport, roll-based, planarization, interconnect, HI …

Speaker: Eugene Chow, PARC
Meeting Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019
Time: 11:30 AM Registration (and sandwiches/drinks); 12:00 PM Presentation
Presentation-only: 12:00 noon (come at 11:45)
Cost: $5 IEEE members. students, unemployed, $10 non-members

Location: Texas Instruments Building E Conference Center, 2900 Semiconductor Dr. (off Kifer Rd), Santa Clara
Summary: We aim to develop a system which can rapidly assemble small semiconductor chips (<1mm) into electronic systems. The process uses chips initially in solution, and then sorts, transports, and orients chips with directed electrostatic assembly with open- and closed-loop control. Assemblies are then transferred to final substrates with a stamp or continuous feed roll-based method, and then electrically interconnected. The current laboratory systems have handled small chips (10um-500um) and demonstrated fine registration (<1um and <1°). Ultimately, massively parallel automated microassembly, analogous to a xerographic printer using microchips instead of toner, could be used for integrating circuits, microLEDs and other semiconductor components into complex, heterogeneous systems.
Bio: Dr. Eugene Chow is a principal scientist and manager of the microsystems research group at PARC (a Xerox Company). The group works on novel printing-related processes, electronics and biomedicine. In the advanced electronics packaging area he focuses on lithographically defined microspring flip chip interconnects for integrated test, rework and packaging, and automated chiplet assembly. He leads research projects at PARC with support from Xerox, other companies and the government, and has ~100 patents granted/filed. He earned a B.S. from UC Berkeley in engineering physics, and did graduate work at Stanford University (MS engineering management, MS and PhD in electrical engineering).

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