Sponsors Needed for STEM Internships for this Summer 🗓

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Your EPS chapter has voted to lend support to the Cupertino and Sunnyvale Rotary Clubs, which are working with the Fremont Union High School District to kick off a paid high school summer internship program for a select group of students at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. The goal of the pilot is to increase interest in STEM careers by providing students with the opportunity to work side-by-side with engineers or technicians in a company and apply what they’ve learned from the Engineering Design Pathway course(s) they’ve completed. Rotary is looking for companies to either:

1. Provide paid internship opportunities (up to 10 internships). We have funding to cover 50% of the wage cost ($15/hour)for a 6-week, 20-hour per week internship. Companies would provide funding to cover the remaining 50% ($900 per internship for a 20-hour per week internship; or $1800 per internship if sufficient funding is obtained for 40-hour per week internship);

2. Provide financial support as a Program Sponsor (We need to raise $9000 to be able to offer students a 6-week, 40-hour per week, internship).

Note that Fremont Union High School District will have a 3rd Party who will take on the “Employer of Record” role, to handle the payroll services as well as the insurance to cover the students.

If your company is interested in participating in this initiative, please have them contact: Steve Onishi (Co-Chair, Workforce Development Committee, Cupertino Rotary) at steve.onishi@gmail.com or 408.621.4353.

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