Chapter Officers, Volunteers

We welcome new volunteers to assist the Chapter as if fulfills its mission to the technologists in the SF Bay Area; contact anyone below, to get started.

Chapter Chair: Gamal Refai-Ahmed , Xilinx Inc.
Vice Chair: Annette Teng , Promex Industries
Treasurer: Azmat Malik
Secretary: Chandan Bhat
Workshops Chair: (open)
Program Co-Chairs: Annette Teng , Promex, Sandra Winkler , and Azmat Malik
Program Support: Ed Stoneham
Member Services: Nazarali Merchant
Publicity: Paul Wesling
Senior/Fellow Member Development: Luu Nguyen , Texas Instruments
Recognition and Awards: (open)
Membership Development: (open)
Webmaster: Paul Wesling
Asst. Webmaster: (open)
Past Chapter Chairs:
— 2017-2018: Annette Teng, Promex
— 2015-2016: Luu Nguyen, TI
— 2012-14: Ed Aoki, Agilent (retired)
— 2011: Mudasir Ahmad, Cisco
— 2009-10: Ed Aoki, Agilent (retired)
— 2007-2008: Dan Donahoe, Exponent
— 2005-2006: Allen Earman, Novalux
— 2002-2004: Tom Tarter, Neophotonics, Inc.
— 2000-2002: Bernie Siegal, Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.
— 1998-2000: Martin Goetz, IBM Corp.
— 1996-98: Rufino Olay, Xilinx
— 1994-96: David Llewelyn, LTX
— 1992-94: Jim Lamb, LTX