Student Grant Program

It is the mission at IEEE to promote STEM students, and it was with great pleasure that we at CPMT, Santa Clara Valley Chapter, were able to assist some students financially to achieve their dreams. We decided to award four student grants of $1,000 each, divided between two undergraduate and two graduate students.

The students we considered were majoring in either materials science, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or electrical engineering, with a focus including semiconductor and MEMS components and packaging, as well as manufacturing of some kind.

Our students who were awarded grants for our 2015 cycle include:

Harjeet Hansi, San Jose State University: “As an engineer, I want to help solve every problem but that is not possible. Currently, I want to help society by being able to make technology that serves everyone. As more products are being used by the consumer and the amount of consumers using data increases, the bandwidth must be available to support the transmission of data. I can accomplish this goal by making data transfer more efficient and faster. This relates to CPMT because the senior design project I am currently working on aims to increase data transfer via fiber optics and photonics. With the help of this grant I can accomplished my goals and help society.”

Toan Ta, San Jose State University: “The unforgettable sacrifices that my family has made are the biggest motivation for me to become an engineer and achieve a higher degree. Being the first generation of my family to make it to college, I have personally experienced how education is a privilege, not a right. As an undergraduate student, I am always self-motivated and self-interested in learning and exposing to an excited field of materials science.”

Xining Zang, University of California at Berkeley: “Xining is, in many ways, a graduate student researcher par excellence—perceptive, creative, ready-to-learn, and dedicated. Such attributes are evidenced by the quality of the work she has produced as a graduate researcher and the awards under her belt thus far. To date, she has published 5 peer-reviewed journals and 4 major peer-reviewed conference proceeding.”
-̶ Kwok Siong Teh, PhD., Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, SFSU

Zephyrus Morley, San Francisco State University: “I would love to become a fully licensed engineer so that I can help the largest amount of people effectively. I want to change the world for the better, and engineers get to design the world. I will be earning my Civil Engineering degree in 2017 with an emphasis in transportation. I enjoy thinking about how people act and how that changes the way I have to think about road design, layout, and the materials chosen. I also I also appreciate the materials in road making, as in what kind of pavement to use”


We wish success for all students, for they will be the ones ushering in future technologies, to the benefit of society.


The CPMT/ SCV Chapter Grant Program Chairs
Sandra Winkler, Azmat Malik, and Luu Nguyen