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Advanced Packaging Trends & Electronic Materials in Era of Digital Transformation -- integration technologies, new applications, trends in 5G, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, autonomous driving ...
ical Google outlook
SEMI World Hdqtrs, Milpitas

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Visualizing the Packaging Roadmap -- ITRS, Moore's Law, innovation, roadmaps, packaging issues, hi-performance computing, solutions ...
SEMI World Hdqtrs, Milpitas
FPGA Heterogeneous Packaging Applications: Trends and Challenges -- HPC, networking, cloud services, automotive, logic/memory integration, thermal, evolution ...
TI Conference Center, Santa Clara
The Road Ahead: Outlook for the Electronics Packaging Industry -- projections for AI, autonomous vehicles, crypto, OSATs, foundries, outlook ...
TI Conference Center, Santa Clara
2D to 3D Package Architectures: Back to the Future -- scaling, heterogeneous integration, impact on power, performance, latency, nomenclature for package architectures, current metrics, projections ...
TI Conference Center, Santa Clara
Trends and Transitions in Semiconductor Packaging -- business models, supply chain, technology requirements, forecast for 2018 and 2019 ...
TI Conference Center, Santa Clara

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