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IEEE/CPMT Dinner Meeting:

"Bio-med MEMS packaging, plus MEMS Fab basics" --
Moderated by Tink Dempsey Young, VP-Marketing, MEMS Inc.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Subsidized buffet dinner ($15 if reserved by Jan. 9; $20 after & at door) served at 6:30, Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.
New Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, 2885 Lakeside Drive (101 at Bowers Ave), Santa Clara -- see map.
PLEASE RSVP (for dinner and/or meeting) by email to Tom Tarter, or call our CPMT hotline at 800-686-9366.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology is growing at a phenomenal rate. Micro machined devices present a different set of challenges for packaging engineers. Our April 1999 Chapter meeting covered automotive sensor packaging and Chip-Scale packaging using MEMS technology. Now the speakers for the January 12th meeting will discuss Bio-med MEMS packaging, plus an overview of MEMS Fab basics.

You may not see them, but MEMS are becoming ever more pervasive making possible "impossible" applications. For example, a MEMS device may be hiding inside an $8,000 InFocus projector for laptop computer displays in the form of a T.I. Digital Light Processor. It utilizes micromirrors hinge-mounted on CMOS ICs, tiny light switches, one for each pixel in an image. (The MEMS DLP may grow into a very, very large market, finally displacing CRTs in TV and computer monitors, perhaps displacing liquid crystal displays as a laptop computer accessory.)

You may never see or use one of Affymetrix' or Nanogen's gene matching probes, but it may help identify pathogens for epidemiologists, saving lives. You also may find a MEMS device inside your airbag accelerometer.

Speaker Biography:
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