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"25 Micron Flip Chip Bumping Technology: Processes and Applications" -- Alan Huffman, Research Engineer, Center for Material and Electronic Technologies, RTI International

Presentation Slides: "50 Micron Pitch Flip Chip Bumping Technology: Processes and Applications" (1.8 MB PDF)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

  • Seated dinner served at 6:30 ($25 if reserved before September 10; $30 after & at door; vegetarian available)

  • Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.

    Ramada Inn

  • 1217 Wildwood Ave (Fwy 101 frontage road, between Lawrence Expressway and Great America Parkway), Sunnyvale, (800) 888-3899 -- see map.


  • For dinner and/or meeting: by email to Janis Karklins
  • Please reserve for "presentation-only", even if not attending the dinner.

    Flip chip has become a mainstream packaging technology in the past 5 years. The continuing trend in microelectronics for smaller, faster, lighter, and cheaper products translates into flip chip technology continuing to push toward smaller bump sizes and I/O pitches. While most flip chip applications fall within the realm of geometries considered to be chip scale packages (200 micron bump diameters and larger), there are applications that require bump sizes and pitches that are far smaller than typical applications. Bumping technology that enables 25 micron bumps on a 50 micron pitch have been developed and perfected and have been finding niche applications in a number of imaging and detection devices for a number of years.

    In this presentation, we will discuss fine pitch flip chip technology, the differences between fine pitch and conventional pitch processes, applications that are using fine pitch flip chip, assembly of fine pitch flip chip devices, and where this technology is headed.

    Speaker Biography:
    Alan Huffman is a Research Engineer with the Center for Material and Electronic Technologies at RTI International in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. After receiving the B.S. degree in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1994, he joined the advanced packaging group at MCNC (RTP, NC) and was part of the research team that developed the flip chip technology that ultimately led to the formation of Unitive Electronics in the late 1990's. Since then, his primary interest has been in the development and application of fine pitch, large area array bumping and interconnect technologies for high energy physics detector applications, next-generation imaging devices, 3D integration, and MEMS. In March 2005, RTI International acquired the MCNC research divisions. He has authored and co-authored several publications and presentations on advanced packaging technologies, particularly in the area of fine pitch bumping. Alan is a member of IMAPS, IEEE CPMT, and serves on the Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) Interconnections committee.

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