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"Non-Contact Wafer Testing and High Performance, Low Power I/O for Chip-to-chip Communications" -- Dr. Christopher Sellathamby, Vice President, Scanimetrics

Presentation Slides: "Non-Contact Wafer Testing and High Performance, Low Power I/O Chip-to-chip Communications" (900 kB PDF)

WEDNESDAY, March 11, 2009

  • 2151 Laurelwood Rd (Fwy 101 at Montague Expressway), Santa Clara, (408) 346-4620 -- click map at right.

        The continued demand for smaller microchips and better performance has created a crisis in interconnectivity between chips – input/output (I/O) data throughput is a bottleneck in high-speed chip-to-chip communication. This presentation discusses the latest technical innovations for increasing bandwidth and transmission distance while reducing power consumption and silicon area. Techniques which can be integrated into current testing, manufacturing and packaging technologies with minimal changes to existing production infrastructure are a priority. Solutions discussed in this presentation are based on inductive coupling methodologies to meet requirements of the semiconductor industry roadmaps, including 3D and SiP applications. I will discuss applications of this technology for wafer testing without contact with the functional pads.

    Speaker Biography:
        Dr. Christopher Sellathamby is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Scanimetrics. With his strong product development background, Chris currently oversees the sales and marketing activities. Focusing on customer needs and product development, he specializes in commercializing Scanimetrics’ products in the semiconductor industry.
        Prior to joining Scanimetrics, Chris served as Vice President at AMC Technologies and was business development manager at Micralyne, Inc. In these roles, he implemented product development plans and created roadmaps for new products including the development of related specifications based on customer requirements.
        Chris earned his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta, with a focus on control systems and computer vision.

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