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    "Good Things Come in Small Packages"
    -- Sandra Winkler, New Venture Research

This talk, scheduled for Thursday, October 28, 2010, has been postponed.
  • We will try to bring it to you in a future month.
    The semiconductor industry has experienced strong growth in 2010, despite a weak and uncertain economy. Inexpensive ($300-400 and under) consumer electronics products are the driving force of semiconductor sales. Particularly doing well are devices and packages suited for handheld units that offer consumers portable connectivity and high performance, at a low cost. The growth trends of QFN, WLP and stacked packages, as well as TSVs (through-silicon-vias) will be the focus of this review, as well as the global outlook of the overall economy and the IC packaging market in general.

    Speaker Biography:
    Sandra Winkler has been an industry analyst since 1988, as an independent consultant, as a staff member of Electronic Trend Publications, and currently for New Venture Research. She has produced numerous off-the-shelf and custom reports. Ms. Winkler began her analyst career in the telecommunications industry. Since 1995, she has focused on the semiconductor packaging industry, and has authored a number of widely cited reports on the topic, including The Worldwide IC Packaging Market, Advanced IC Packaging Markets and Trends, and IC Packaging Materials. She also writes for Chip Scale Review Magazine. Ms. Winkler has an MBA from Santa Clara University. She is on the executive planning committee of the IEEE-CPMT Santa Clara Valley chapter.

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