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    Advanced Stacked Die Packaging Technology: More than 2D
    -- Dr. John Y. Xie, Director, Packaging Technology Research and Development, Altera Corp   (at a new location!)

Thursday, February 26, 2015
  • Registration, networking and light lunch ($5), served from 11:30 - 12:00
  • Presentation at 12:00 noon
  • Please reserve by February 24, so we can provide the food
        This talk will discuss the system integration challenge and memory need, provide an overview of 3DIC and advanced stacked die packaging technology, and will also discuss various kinds of advanced stacked die packaging technologies in different development and manufacturing phases, which will include: 2.5D stacking solution using silicon interposer or silicon bridge; 2.1D stacking using high density organic technology; 2.01D high density and cost effective stacking technology; F2F (3D-) high density and low cost stacking technology; Glass interposer, etc.
        This talk is structured such that it could be beneficial for both beginners and experienced engineers and managers for technical in-depth gain as well as business planning reference.

    Speaker Biography:
        Dr. John Y. Xie, Director, Packaging Technology Research and Development, has been with Altera Corporation (San Jose) close to 16 years. He leads the Packaging Technology Research and Development team at Altera. His responsibilities include interconnect and packaging technology research and development, new product development and introduction, 2.5D/3DIC integration design and manufacturing enablement, strategic supply chain development and strategic customer engagement.
        Prior to Altera, he was a technology development manager at Prolinx Labs Corporation (San Jose). Dr. Xie has 30 published patents and over 50 academic and technical publications.

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