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    Packaging Solutions and Innovations with Compression Molding (includes FOWLP & FOPLP)
    -- C. H. Ang, Senior Technical Support Manager, TOWA, USA

Presentation Slides: "Package Solutions and Innovations with Compression Molding" (1.7 MB PDF)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

With the advancement of stacked 2.5D and 3D packages and wafer-level packaging, assembly processes including molding have been challenged. Dies with fragile features and interconnect wires as small as 0.5 mil diameter have become incompatible with transfer molding, which uses high injection pressures to push melted thermoset resin through tiny channels and gates to fill up cavities.
    The fact is these advanced packages, wafers and panels have limited space for resin flow. Wafer-level packaging and molding of large-wafer- and large-area-size substrates (Panel Mold) are limited by current transfer mold technology.
    To solve these issues, Compression Molding was developed and introduced by Towa as early as 2005. Compression molding is a process which allows the slow "dipping" of the devices into either a melted granular or liquid mold compound. Package quality and process parameters are inherently improved and some reliability results will be presented. Compression molding technology allows the advancment of innovative advanced package structures and scalability.

Speaker Biography:
    C. H. Ang has been Senior Technical Support Manager at TOWA, USA since 2011. His current role is to design tooling and develop applications for compression molding technology. In addition, he is tasked with mapping out emerging packaging trends. He has over two decades of experience and expertise in the IC industry. His experience and expertise include advanced package development and assembly technology, subcontractor and production management, manufacturing and semiconductor backend tooling design.

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