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    A Flexible Manufacturing Platform for High-Volume TCB and High Density FOWLP
    -- Tom Strothmann, Director, Advanced Packaging Next-Gen Products, Kulicke & Soffa Industries

Presentation Slides: "A Flexible Manufacturing Platform for High-Volume TCB and High Density FOWLP" (700 kB PDF)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

    Assembly with thermocompression bonding (TCB) enables the next generation fine pitch 2.5D and 3D products using Cu pillar interconnects, but the industry has been slow to invest in the dedicated infrastructure required for the process. TCB volume today is driven primarily by the memory market and stacked DRAM packages, including the Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) and High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) products; however, the extreme placement accuracies required for TC bonding can be leveraged to enable improved capability for other assembly processes as well. With only minor modifications, the same equipment used for TCB assembly can also be used for highly accurate die placement in Fan-out Wafer Level Packages (FOWLP) and die placement for mass reflow processes with pitches as low as 30um. The flexibility inherent in new tool designs ensures cost effective HVM capability for TCB as well a manufacturing platform with the ability to adapt to product mix changes over time. The same tool purchased for Flip Chip or FOWLP die placement today can be configured to run HVM TCB 2.5D or 3D later. This presentation will review the performance of this flexible manufacturing platform over a range of Advanced Packaging processes.

Speaker Biography:
    Tom Strothmann is the Director for Advanced Packaging Next-Generation Products at Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. Prior to joining K&S, Tom managed Wafer Level Products Business Development for STATS ChipPAC, including Fan-In and Fan-out WLP. Before STATS ChipPAC, Tom was Vice President of Business Development at FlipChip International and responsible for the formation of FlipChip Millennium Shanghai Co. At FlipChip Technologies, Tom successfully managed the transfer of bumping technology and the startup of bump lines for all major Asian OSATS. Tom has over 30 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing, including extensive experience in both wafer fabrication and flip chip wafer level packaging.

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