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IEEE/CPMT Dinner Meeting:

"Two Unique, Space-Saving Packages -- Panda Project and Shellcase" --
Phil Rogren, Shellcase, and William Ahearn, Panda Project

Wednesday, March 11, 1998
Subsidized buffet dinner ($10) served at 6:30, Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.
Location: FAZ restaurant, at the Four Points Hotel, on 1108 N. Mathilda, north of Hiway 237 and Fwy 101 junction, Sunnyvale
PLEASE RSVP (for dinner and/or meeting) by email to Rena Ayeras, or call our CPMT hotline at 800-686-9366.

Two speakers will describe the unique constructions of these two very different IC packages, and the resulting advantages.

Shellcase claims to be the smallest, lightest, and lowest cost Chip Scale BGA package. Die are leaded and encapsulated at wafer level. Both package thickness and lead pitch are under 0.5mm.

The Panda Project presents a very dense surface mount package which offers great chip mounting flexibility. It uses tried-and-true technologies such as wire bonding and stamped lead frame, but you've never seen a lead frame like this: It superficially resembles a Quad Flat Pak, but is 3 times as dense.

Phil Rogren will present for Shellcase, Product Line Manager for interconnectproducts at Nexus. He has spent 25 years in engineering and marketing at National Semiconductor, Alcoa, etc. His B.S. is in Ceramic Engineering (University of Washington).
William Ahearn will present for the Panda Project. He has been with the Panda Project for 2 years and is presently the VP of Systems Engineering. Previously, he filled many slots at IBM for 15 years at Yorktown Heights, Armonk, Boca Raton, and Europe. Examples include research in display technology, personal computer stategies, video compression for multimedia, etc. He directed multimedia products for AMP. His B.A. is in Physics, M.S.E.E. (New York University).

If you are not on our Chapter's regular email or FAX distribution list for meeting anouncements, you can easily be added! Please send an Email to Rena Ayeras and let me know if you'd like email or FAX distribution. If you don't have Email, then please reply to 800 696-9366 (CPMT's 800 number), but please be advised that I would greatly prefer the Email route.

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