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IEEE/CPMT Dinner Meeting:

"Wafer Bumping: Interconnect, Chip-Bonding" --
Dr. Scott Graham, Focus Interconnect; and Dave Tovar, PacTech

Wednesday, December 8, 1999
Subsidized buffet dinner ($15 if reserved before Dec. 4; $20 after & at door) served at 6:30, Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.
Location: FAZ restaurant, at the Four Points Hotel, on Mathilda, north of Hiway 237 and Fwy 101 junction, Sunnyvale
PLEASE RSVP (for dinner and/or meeting) by email to Tom Tarter, or call our CPMT hotline at 800-686-9366.

View Scott Graham's Slides (.pdf, 800kB)
The talk by Dr. Graham will discuss:

The talk by Dave Tovar is "An Electroless Ni/Au Plating Process for 300mm Wafers"
View the Powerpoint Slides (.ppt, 650kB)
Summary: Electroless under-bump metallization (UBM) and solder bumping (SB) offers a low cost and effective alternative for Flip Chip and other CSP microelectronic packaging technologies. Production quality and reliability data relative to bump uniformity, shear force testing, and contact resistance of electroless nickel/gold electroless UBM and stencil solder printing/reflow of 200mm and the first engineering 300mm wafers will be shown.

Speaker Biographies:
Dr. Scott Graham is Vice President of Technical Marketing for Focus Interconnect. He holds a BSEE from MIT, and an MS and PhD from Stanford University. Scott has more than 25 years' experience in wafer process integration, and transfer to production, both for mainframe and for merchant chip companies.

Dave Tovar is a veteran of the semiconductor industry. He has held managerial positions in both IC wafer engineering/production and R&D with organizations such as IBM, Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, VLSI Technology, and other wafer fab companies. Most currently Dave was associated with ChipPAC where he was in charge of design, simulation, and all laminate product R&D efforts in the US. Today Dave is President of Pac Tech USA, an Electroless Under Bump Metallization service organization as well as a supplier of electroless UBM plating equipment and laser based solder bumpers. The parent company, Pac Tech GmbH, is located in Berlin, Germany.
Dave received his double-major BA degree in Analytical Chemistry/German Studies at SJSU. His major area of study in his MS program was in Chemical Engineering. Dave has written over forty technical articles, application notes, press releases, etc. He won Best Technical Paper Award at the 1989 ITAB Symposium.

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