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IEEE/CPMT One-Day Symposium:

Photonic Communications Device Packaging --
Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 8:30AM - 6:00PM

PLEASE REGISTER ON-SITE -- call Christina Torres (+1-408-943-6935) for more information, or status. You may register at the door (please come between 8 AM and 8:15 AM.)

This program is a one-day symposium co-located with SEMICON/West, designed to bring attendees into the forefront of photonic device packaging technology. The Symposium sessions explore major packaging technology areas and provide a state-of-the-art introduction.

Symposium Welcome and Opening Remarks
Symposium Chairperson - Randy Heyler, Newport

Morning Session Keynote- Trends in Photonic Component and Device Packages and Packaging
Jeff Montgomery, Electronicast, Inc.
The demand for rapidly increasing Communication bandwidth will support a dynamic expansion of the deployed quantity of optoelectronic transmitters, receivers, and related components. There will be major pressure for reducing the cost and physical size of these components, package design will be a major challenge; optical and RF crosstalk, heat transfer; automated assembly. This paper will discuss forecasted trends in these packages over the next five years.

Packaging Schemes for a MEMS Video Scanner
Thor Osborn, Microvision
A path for the development of increasingly integrated packaging of a MEMS scanning mirror with growing product volume requirements is discussed, with reference to specific concerns for video quality images.

Outsourced Automation Options for Photonic Component Manufacture
Fred Bushroe, INOV, Inc.
A review of the major providers of outsourced automation services will be given. Other options for packaging and automation will be discussed as well as tips for working with contract vendors.

Product Design Using a Miniature Metal Optical Bench
Dan Klemmer, Lucent Technology
A miniature welded metal optical bench concept is presented for applications requiring system component adjustments during manufacture. Design and performance issues are discussed.

Luncheon Speaker
Dan Gillmor, Technology Columnist, San Jose Mercury News

Considerations when Semi-Automating an Alignment & Bonding Process in Fiber Optics
Adrian Godding, Adept
Topics include: Packaging to facilitate assembly. Epoxy vs. solder vs. laser-welding. Typical semi-automated vs. manual tool (yield, throughput and cost). Automating complex alignments of arrays, lasers. When to consider full-automation.

Critical Temperature Control Requirements for Optical Device Performance
Tom Tarter, Lightwave Microsystems
This work shows the relationship between temperature and optical performance and how the various performance parameters impact optical test metrics. These optical performance parameters are directly related to temperature drift over time and over the required ambient temperature range. The challenge in many cases is to design the temperature control systems to be highly efficient and to influence other components in the package design to compliment low power and excellent stability.

Advanced Materials for Photonic Packaging
Dr. Carl Zweben, Composites Consultant
Materials selection impacts performance, reliability and cost. An increasing number of new advanced composites and monolithic materials are now available which provide great advantages over conventional materials for dimensional stability and thermal management.

Advanced Materials for Photonic Packaging
Art Burkhart, Loctite Dexter
Advanced materials and process technology adapted from the semiconductor world are key to the implementation of automated, low cost photonic packaging. Recent developments related to silicon waveguide adhesives, low stress epoxy encapsulants, and UV cure adhesives will be reviewed, along with typical material properties and processing characteristics.

Closing Remarks
Symposium Chairperson - Randy Heyler, Newport

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