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The JEDEC JC15.1 Thermal Standards Subcommittee - An Agent for Promoting a Paradigm Shift in Thermal Simulation --
Bruce Guenin, Sun Microsystems

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
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    We've heard the story so many times that we have ceased to be amazed: electronic products are getting cheaper, more powerful, and smaller at ever increasing rates. To those who design these products, this means tougher performance requirements, a reduced margin for error, and shorter-than-ever product development cycles. Computer simulations play a critical role in supporting the aggressive product development cycles of today.

    The commercial system-level thermal simulation tools are efficient at allowing the user to construct the overall system-level features. However, when it comes to the level of the components (i.e.: packaged ICs) the current paradigm calls for the thermal engineer to obtain the required info from the packaging supplier and generate the models for these components himself. This leads to serious inefficiencies in creating the required thermal models and the likelihood of error in the calculated result due to incomplete information.

    A new paradigm in thermal simulation was identified in the late 1990s by the European consortium, DELPHI. It calls for the component supplier to create a thermal compact model, which is capable of being input directly into a system-level thermal simulation tool. In spite of the obvious efficiency of this approach, its adoption has been relatively slow due, in part, to the lack of standards in applying its methodology.

    This presentation will discuss the history of this paradigm shift in thermal simulation and the role of the JC15.1 Subcommittee in promoting its adoption, worldwide.

    Speaker Biography
    Dr. Bruce M. Guenin currently holds the position of Principal Research Engineer at the RAS Computer Analysis Laboratory, Sun Microsystems. He is responsible for initiating, conducting, and leading research related to thermal management and reliability of high-end servers, using both simulation and testing. Previously he directed thermal characterization activities at Amkor Technology supporting a wide variety of IC packaging products.

    He has authored or co-authored over 30 papers in the areas of thermal and electrical characterization of microelectronic packages, high-temperature superconductivity, electrical connectors, solid state physics, and fluid dynamics, and holds 5 patents.

    He is the Chairman of the JEDEC JC-15.1 Committee, which sets industry standards for thermal testing and modeling. Dr. Guenin was recently General Chair of the 2001 Semi-Therm Conference. Additionally, he is an Associate Editor of Electronics Cooling Magazine.

    Dr. Guenin received the B.S. degree in Physics from Loyola University, New Orleans, and the Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Virginia.

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