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Testing Mixed-Signal IC's (Two Talks) --
"The SOC Test Challenge", Ed Paulson, LTX; and
"Parallel & Strip Test Capability for Mixed Signal Devices", Guillermo Perez-Vargas, President, Applied Test Resources

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
  • Seated dinner served at 6:30 ($20 if reserved before May 4); $25 after & at door; vegetarian available)
  • Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.

    Ramada Inn

  • 1217 Wildwood Ave (Fwy 101 frontage road, between Lawrence Expressway and Great America Parkway), Sunnyvale, (800) 888-3899 -- see map.


  • For dinner and/or meeting: by email to Tom Tarter
  • Please reserve for "presentation-only", even if not attending the dinner.

    "Parallel & Strip Test Capability for Mixed Signal Devices"
    Applied Test Resources has been involved with parallel testing techniques for Mixed signal devices since 1999. This technique has been implemented in production settings, demonstrating that it is possible to test multiple different components in parallel. A parallel test technique lowers the effective test time of components, reducing the overall cost of the test. A short demonstration of this capability will be shown using the ATR MTS2010 test system.

    "The SOC Test Challenge"
    The SOC trend in our industry is turning virtually every device designed into a mixed-signal system-on-a-chip test challenge. At the same time, the marketplace is facing the business challenges of reducing cost of test, time to market and defect escapes. Now more than ever, innovation in semiconductor test is crucial. How will the test industry respond? This presentation will explore trends and innovations in the test industry that tackle these mixed-signal SOC challenges, including design for testability, built in self test, re-usable test IP, multisite/multi-threaded testing, and system architecture considerations.

    Speaker Biographies
    Guillermo Perez-Vargas is the President and CEO of APPLIED TEST RESOURCES. He has been involved in semiconductor test for over 25 years. He has worked with Analog Devices, Comlinear, Medtronic, Motorola and Burr-Brown. He has been involved in sub-contract manufacturing in Mexico. He received his BSEE from Arizona State University.

    Ed Paulsen is a veteran of the semiconductor test industry with over 18 years experience in mixed-signal applications development and test system development. His current position is Senior Director of Solutions & Services Marketing for LTX Corporation in Westwood, MA. He has held positions at LTX in applications engineering, product management, engineering program management, and marketing. He received his BSEE with high distinction from Worchester Polytechnic Institute.

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