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Modeling and Characterization of Electronic Packaging Materials and Reliability of Products --
Sung Yi, Portland State University

May 14, 2003
  • Seated dinner served at 6:30 ($25 if reserved before Feb. 8); $30 after & at door; vegetarian available)
  • Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.

    Ramada Inn

  • 1217 Wildwood Ave (Fwy 101 frontage road, between Lawrence Expressway and Great America Parkway), Sunnyvale, (800) 888-3899 -- see map.


  • For dinner and/or meeting: by email to Allen Earman
  • Please reserve for "presentation-only", even if not attending the dinner.

    During the manufacturing process for micro-electronic devices, these devices have become increasingly susceptible to defects and internal residual stresses as chip density, die size, electric functionality and geometric complexity have increased. New packages require new technology because of the difficulty in design and manufacturing as compared to older packages, and the package design along with requirements can cause excessive time and effort in order to resolve manufacturing problems and to improve reliability and electrical performance. Reduction in the design cycle for IC package development, and improvement of performance and reliability of IC packages, can be achieved through accurate material characterization and modeling, improved analysis capability, and appropriate process modeling.

    Hygro-thermally induced failure that occurs during the surface mounting process is one of the most critical reliability problems. However, hygro-thermo-mechanical behavior of polymers used for IC packaging is not well understood. Moreover, the viscosity of underfill is a major factor which influences the underfill flow behavior. However, cure- and temperature-dependent viscosity of underfills is not well studied. In this talk, modeling and characterization of chemo-hygro-thermo-mechanical behaviors of electronic polymers are discussed. For example, moisture-temperature-dependent mechanical properties of plastic encapsulant materials and their effects on the reliability will be addressed. Chemo-thermally dependent viscosity of underfill material is presented and microwave effects of underfill will be discussed.

    Speaker Biography
    Dr. Sung Yi is an associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at PSU. He was awarded a Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, in 1992. He is an editorial advisory board member for the Journals of Soldering and Surface Mount Technology as well as for Finite Elements in Analysis and Design. He is also an associate editor for the ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging. Before he joined PSU, he taught in the School of Mechanical and Production Engineering Department at Nanyang Technological University. He was the director of the Electronic Packaging Strategic Research Program at NTU, and was also a Singapore-MIT Alliance fellow. His primary research interests lie in the areas of electronic packaging, computational mechanics, constitutive modeling, and characterization of electronic materials. He has published about 120 technical papers in referreed journals and conference proceedings. He also received the Roger A. Strehlow Memorial Award from UIUC, 1992, and the Jefferson Goblet Paper Award at the 32nd SDM Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA, 1991. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and Sigma Gamma Tau.

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