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Second Annual IEEE-SCV Soft Error Rate (SER) Workshop
-- Chiate Lin, Intersil; Prof. Bharat Bhuva, Vanderbilt U.; Rick Wong, Cisco Systems; Dr Andy Mackie, Indium Corp.; Charles Slayman, Ops a la Carte; Dr. Brett Clark, Honeywell; Dr. Nelson Tam, Marvell

Chair: Peng Su, Ph.D., Component Quality and Technology Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
        CPMT, Elecron Devices, and Reliability chapters of IEEE, Santa Clara Valley
        Reliability Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Presentation Slides: all seven presentations in a ZIP file (9.5 MB)
You may stream the seven talks (each about 20 minutes) -- may involve downloading/installing a WebEx player app:   - Talk 1 ("Router Failures")   - Talk 2 ("SER Issues for Advanced Silicon")   - Talk 3 ("Fully Processed Silicon Wafers")   - Talk 4 ("Ultralow Alpha-Emitting Solder Materials")   - Talk 5 ("Thermal Neutrons")   - Talk 6 ("Alpha Emitting Isotope Migration")   - Talk 7 ("Passivation Interconnect Layer")

    Thursday, October 28, 2010