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    "An Evolutionary Leadless Package"
    -- Kelly R. McKendrick Sr., UTAC UGS America Sales Inc.

Thursday, February 24, 2011
  • Registration at 11:30 AM; Buffet lunch served from 11:45 - 12:15 ($15 if reserved by Feb 22; $5 for fulltime students and currently unemployed; $5 more at door; vegetarian available); presentation (no cost) at 12:15.
        In the semiconductor packaging world, we want it all. Of course it does not always work that way. If we could somehow incorporate and integrate the advantages of QFN, fpBGA, CSP, TAPP/TLA, FC, TQFP, TSOP and other assembly technologies into a single package, we would be getting close. With assembly and packaging now more of an integral part of the whole semiconductor design solution, more flexibility in the actual package design has evolved into a requirement. The bottom line is that the semiconductor industry wants a package that is extremely flexible to the die design as well as the PCB board design; has higher I/O in relation to body size; has the largest die-to-package body size ratio; reduces the board level footprint; is green, reliable, thin; and of course is manufacturable. Oh, and don't forget high yields, cost-competitive, and with excellent thermal and electrical performance. Sounds easy enough.
        A leadframe-based technology offered at UTAC called HLA™ (Hi-Density Leadframe Array) has truly made a breakthrough in taking advantage of many of the best attributes of the aforementioned packages and incorporating them into a package that is truly evolutionary. The result is the industry's highest I/O solution for a lead-frame-based package (e.g. 5x5 mm with 100 leads with 0.5 mm pitch). It can replace many types of QFN, TQFP, FC, CSP and even fpBGA products. Basically, HLA allows the designer to design the package around the chip as well as the PCB board.

    Speaker Biography:
        Kelly McKendrick is a Sales and Technical Manager for UTAC (UGS America Sales Inc). He has been in the Semiconductor industry for over 30 years both as a customer and as an assembly subcontractor. Kelly started out as an operator at Signetics in their state of the art 3" wafer fab. After 3 years he not only graduated from Brigham Young University but also to the Package Assembly area. Since then he has been involved with the assembly of military, commercial, memory, games, MEMS, ceramic, plastic, leaded, balled, thin, tiny and about every other package technology out there. Kelly designed, tooled & implemented the saw QFN line still in use at Amkor in the Philippines. He lived with his family for several years in Korea managing all assembly engineering and production for NCR Corporation. In addition he worked with Samsung on OEM Memory products as well as wafer foundry services for NCR. He was instrumental in getting several assembly factories up and running in Asia and was with Hyundai when they became ChipPAC. He has been with UTAC, formerly ASAT, for a little over 3 years.
        Kelly has been married for 31 years and has collected quite a few children over that time, including through adoption and foster parenting. He is now working on his grandchildren collection. He is the maintenance man at home who loves to sing, be with family and tinker with old cars in his spare time, especially old Mopars. He works with the Boy Scouts of America and would like to volunteer more at his younger children's schools. He eventually wants to be a retired rich guy when he grows up.

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