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    How Well do you Know your Local SMT and IC Package Services?
    -- Phil Marcoux, PPM Associates, and Tom Clifford

Presentation Slides: "How Well do you Know your Local SMT and IC Package Services?" (800 kB PDF)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

  • Registration at 11:30 AM; Lunch ($5) served from 11:30 - 12:00
  • Presentation (no cost) at 12:00 noon
  • Please reserve by April 21, so we can provide the food
        Demand for SMT and EMS assembly and IC packaging services in Silicon Valley is increasing dramatically. This is driven by the many start-ups developing hardware, firmware, and software products. These companies are requiring innovative but low-volume, quick-turn, adaptable, and complex assembly capabilities. These start-ups are finding it hard to locate suppliers who are truly capable of meeting their needs, such as, partnerships with higher volume suppliers as well as providing the necessary quality and cost-control solutions.
        This presentation will identify and describe the capabilities and business structure of some local suppliers. We will also provide detailed guides to help assess the capabilities, capacity, and quality systems needed when selecting a service provider.
        This talk is structured such that it could be beneficial for both beginners and experienced engineers and managers to gain technical in-depth knowledge as well as business planning understanding.

    Speaker Biography:
        Tom Clifford has worked in plastics development, microelectronics, and aerospace industries, for the last ~40 years. He helped develop ablative thrusters on the Gemini spacecraft at McDonnell, polymer formulations at Monsanto Research, insulation materials for Shuttle booster motors at UTC, and process/product development and operations management at Raychem, Siltec, Memorex, and MU Engineering. Tasks at Lockheed Martin/Sunnyvale, before his recent retirement, included PWB and CCA out-source management; vendor qualification, SMT and hybrid process development, SPC and QC/QA; and (as Advanced Electronics Packaging Group Leader) reliability testing and advocacy for embedded passives, MEMS, BGAs, lead-free, nano and other new technologies.
        Consultation jobs have dealt with ion-thrusters, medical products, soil remediation, reliability predictions, and novel electronics assembly architecture. He has served in editorial/advisory positions with Printed Circuits Europe, Circuits Assembly and MEPTEC. He holds several patents (polymer formulations and SMT reliability) and has authored many technical publications on SMT/PWB technologies, life-test statistics, test methods, quality assurance, reliability predictions, embedded passives, and outsource management. Tom received a BS in Ch E from Texas Tech.

        Phil Marcoux has worked in semiconductor manufacturing and development for over 40 years. His accomplishments include IC designs, process development, company creations, and market developments. Following his founding of the first SMT company in the US he was named by the IPC as the "Father of SMT" (2007). He co-founded one of first companies to commercialize wafer-level packaging (WLP) using the widely duplicated ChipScale structure.

        Following the acquisition of his SMT company, AWI, he worked with one of the major accounting firms to develop models for calculating the factory plans for large-scale EMS (Electro-Mechanical Services) factories. He was commissioned by a large computer company to use this model and business experience to enable them to select and construct their own captive factory.

        Through his consultancy, PPM Associates, Phil has assessed and advised dozens of companies internationally in factory management and help with technology development and implementation. Past technology and market development areas include WLP, Wafer Thinning, 2.5D and 3D, TSVs, and Molded Array Packages.

        His present projects include 3D and 2.5D for medical products, ultra-high frequency products, and CNF technology. He is currently VP of the FOA (Fab Owners Assn.), a member of the MEPTEC Advisory Board, a member of the University of Florida College of Engineering West Coast Advisory Board, and a Life Member of the IEEE. Phil received a BSEE from University of Florida and an MS-EM from Santa Clara University.

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