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    FO-WLP - A Disruptive Technology: Drivers and Developments
    -- E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, Inc.

Presentation Slides: "FO-WLP - A Disruptive Technology: Drivers and Developments" (2 MB PDF)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    Mobile devices, including smartphones, are driving package developments and unit volume growth in the semiconductor industry. Many companies have adopted wafer level packages (WLPs). WLP has seen strong growth, especially for mobile devices, because it provides a low-profile package that meets the low-profile packaging requirements of high-end smartphone makers. The introduction of fan-out WLP (FO-WLP) represents an additional change in the infrastructure. FO-WLP is a disruptive technology that will have a significant impact on the electronics industry in the coming years. WLP is disruptive technology because there is no substrate and thin-film metallization is used for interconnect instead of bumps or wires. This presentation examines the drivers for FO-WLP and the impact on the existing infrastructure. Applications and market trends are presented. Alternatives to the existing FO-WLP structures are described.

Speaker Biography:
    E. Jan Vardaman is president and founder of TechSearch International, Inc., which has provided analysis on technology and market trends in semiconductor packaging since 1987. She is a columnist with Printed Circuit Design & Fab/Circuits Assembly Magazine, is an IEEE CPMT distinguished lecturer, and the author of numerous publications on the microelectronics market and technology trends. She is a member of IEEE CPMT, IMAPS, SMTA, MEPTEC, and SEMI. Before founding TechSearch International, she served on the corporate staff of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), the electronics industry's first pre-competitive research consortium.

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