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IEEE/CPMT Dinner Meeting:

"Solutions in Test for CSP" --
Adi Merschon, ISE Labs. Inc

Wednesday, November 11, 1998
Subsidized buffet dinner ($10) served at 6:30, Presentation (no cost) at 7:30.
Location: FAZ restaurant, at the Four Points Hotel, on Mathilda, north of Hiway 237 and Fwy 101 junction, Sunnyvale
PLEASE RSVP (for dinner and/or meeting) by email to Rena Ayeras, or call our CPMT hotline at 800-686-9366.

CSP poses new Test Challenges and requires innovative test techniques. In order to fulfill the need for smaller electronics, the semiconductor industry is pushing the technology to the limit, in search for solutions to lower the overall cost, and to minimize lead and package damage associated with handling of a device through the production process.
The assembly portion of the process has found a solution in handling the product in a Strip format, minimizing handling, lowering cost, improving Quality and increasing throughput. After assembly, parts are singulated, and sent for test. The cost of Test for the wide variety of packages, requiring handlers, Kits, Trays, Tubes, Multiple handling, and inspections, is becoming a major factor in the total cost of an IC.
New technologies for Handling and Test should be developed in order to enable Strip Testing, and gradually diminish the need for singulated Test. Alignment difficulties for shrinking dimensions and pitches, along with the need for parallel testing of devices in a strip format, will require cooperation of multiple vendors providing solutions for both the mechanical and electrical aspects of test.
Please join us for a presentation and discussion on these pressing issues.

Adi Merschon is the Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, ISE Group.

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